Philosophy Tea since 2014

Philosophy Tea at Regina Theatre since 2014

Photo: Reginateatern

Regina’s Philosophy Teas were started in 2014 by Peter Wallensteen, Professor at the Peace and Conflict Department of Uppsala University, and the then Artistic Director of Regina Theatre, Paul Kessel. It was initiated as a contribution to the City of Uppsala’s celebration of 200 consecutive years of peace in Sweden. In cooperation with Uppsala University it was aimed at an audience of international academics and the ordinary citizens of Uppsala.

The initial idea was to run a series of Philosophy Breakfasts. This was later changed to Philosophy Teas on the café stage before arriving at the present and most successful form, Philosophy Teas on the main stage. In addition, tea, scones and jam are now served and included in the price of entry. 

Each Philosophy Tea is a discussion about a particular philosopher or practitioner in the field of peace and justice and lasts for an hour. The discussion can span the whole career of the philosopher or focus on a particularly significant work. The final twenty minutes is reserved for an open discussion with the audience. The events are run in English. 

Philosophy Teas are now produced in cooperation with Uppsala University and the discussions are disseminated as podcasts by the theatre and the University.

A Short History of Philosophy Tea

Philosophy Breakfasts

Spring 2014

February 13th 8.00 am Immanuel Kant, Perpetual Peace
Peter Wallensteen and Rebecka Lettevall, Södertörn University

February 27th 8.00 am Thomas More, Utopia
Daniel Ogden, Lecturer at Mälardalen University.

Autumn 2014

September 30th 8.00 am Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince
Peter Wallensteen and Daniel Ogden

October 8th 8:00 am Fredrika Bremer 
Daniel Ogden and Carina Burman

Since 2015 Philosophy Teas have all been led by Professor Peter Wallensteen and Daniel Ogden.

Spring 2015

Philosophy Teas on the café stage

March 3rd 3.00 pm Mahatma Gandhi
March 24th 3.00 pm Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

Autumn 2015

September 29th 3.00 pm Emmeline Pankhurst
October 20th 3.00 pm Alva Myrdal, The Game of Disarmament

Spring 2016

February 1st 3.00 pm W E B DuBois 
February 22nd 3.00 pm William Wilberforce

(First podcast)

[Both events coincide with February as the Black History Month in the USA]


Autumn 2016

Philosophy Teas on the main stage

October 19th 3.00 pm Voltaire, Candide
[The Swedish Information Freedom Act 250 years]

December 14th 3.00 pm Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
[Arendt 110 years 2016]  

Spring 2017

January 18th 3.00 pm Baruch Spinoza     

February 8th 3.00 pm Bertha von Suttner, Lay Down Your Arms!
[Berta Day in the Swedish calendar]