• 16 Mar 2016 19:00
  • 17 Mar 2016 19:00
  • 18 Mar 2016 19:00
  • 19 Mar 2016 19:00

Biljettpris: 130 kr (plus serviceavgift 20 kr)
Festivalrabatt (endast vid köp i biljettkassa): 2 kvällar 250 kr, 3 kvällar 400 kr, 4 kvällar 500 kr (alla priser inkl serviceavgift)

130 kr (& 20 kr booking fee)
Festival Concessions: (only at the Box Office) 2 nights 250 kr, 3 nights 400 kr, 4 nights 500 kr (all concession tickets include the booking fee)

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#SWIMP16 Sweden International Improv Festival 

- A festival of improvised theatre


We're exalted to present the 2nd edition of #SWIMP, a festival which brings the best bits of the improv world to Uppsala.

#SWIMP15 was the first of its kind in Sweden. #SWIMP16 will be even better! Faster! Harder! Stronger! Longer! More unique! More action-filled! More fun! More romantic! More of everything!

Learn more, improve your improv skills and watch improvisers from around the world perform off the top of their heads! During four days they will mess up, astound and surprise you at every turn.

In improv the script is good-for-nothing. Everything is created the second you see it. And you will never see anything like it again. Ever!

Don’t miss this!

Shows, workshops and tons of fun!


▼Big Bang Improv (USA)
▼La Carpe Haute (FRA)
▼MiaKaty (UK/DEN)
▼Teater Prego (SWE/U:A)

▼CBS Improv (DEN)
▼Impromask Italiana (ITA)
▼Mischler, Meijer & More (NL)
▼Project2 (UK)

▼Phil Lunn (UK)
▼Jess&Frost (NOR)
▼The Improv (IND)

▼5DitanellaPresa (ITA)
▼Barcelona Improv Group (ESP)
▼The Rebranding (UK)


Info about workshops:

» Watch videoclip from India

The festival is produced by Teater Prego in collaboration with Reginateatern with the support of: 

Nordiska kulturfonden


Kultur & Bildning Uppsala län.

Uppsala kommuns kulturnämnd