• 09 Feb 2019 19:00
  • 10 Feb 2019 16:00

Biljettpris: ord 200 kr (plus serviceavgift 25:-), ungd t o m 26/stud 150 kr (plus serviceavgift 25:-), grupp minst 8 pers 150 kr (plus serviceavgift 25:-)


“We LOVE BABIES. Does anyone have a baby? I mean we need a real baby a fresh baby, one that swam in turned around and came out again. Still wet and warm. …”

In SPRINGTIME Apetrea and Sigourney dream of a queer endless sunrise. They stomp around the stage as a tree, a bear, a bee and a bouquet- trying to come together, cum together, and get together.

SPRINGTIME is a mix of dance expression, comedy and satire. Since 2014 Apetrea and Sigourney have applied feminist strategies, queer theory, nightlife aesthetics and anti- patriarchal ideas to make shows exploring power and gender. SPRINGTIME follows up on I’m a Very Understanding Woman – which challenged notions of womanhood, horror and understanding. SPRINGTIME takes off from kid shows, and stages nature’s couples – it’s a new version of The Birds and the Bees.

"Queers, for example, especially those who do not choose to be biologically reproductive, a people without children, are, within the dominant culture, people without a future." – José Esteban Muñoz