• 06 Feb 2020 19:00

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av John Fiske

To attempt to perform the sinking of the Titanic as a two-hander on stage is almost as doomed to disaster as the ship itself.  But the English have always been proud of their failures - The Charge of The Light Brigade and Dunkirk to name but two. 

Kesselofski & Fiske’s The Sinking of The Titanic provides all the thrills of a trip on The Titanic but is considerably safer.

A comic catastrophe in rather bad taste featuring music, drama and some very tragic acting.

"Very, very funny"
The Guardian, England

"Humour as a weapon against tragedy. Dreadfully funny"
Politiken, Denmark

"Quite simply, superb"
Huvudstadsbladet, Finland

"One of the best shows of recent years"
SvD, Sweden

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